Getting Started With Herb Gardening Basics

Herb gardening isn’t just for the flavor of the foods you eat, but it can certainly help. For many people, this type of gardening helps to give their space a fresh, delightful smell and offer fresh, organic herbs whenever they are in need of them. How does one get started with an herb garden and do you have to grow them inside or outside?

Growing Herbs

The beauty of growing herbs in your home is that it’s really very simple to do. Herb gardening as houseplants grow and grow and grow. You can keep them for years because you’re constantly rejuvenating them by cutting what you need and leaving the rest behind. Plus, if you choose to grow your herbs in organic soil, you will have organic fresh herbs to season every dish you make and that is just a little bit more health for you.

Whether you choose to grow your herbs in the ground outside your house or you just want a few little pots of your favorites, these are hardy plants that when the directions are followed perfectly, will help you to have the fresh scent and flavor of herbs every day.

Herb Gardening Tips For Getting Started

The first thing you should do when you want to get started with herb gardening is to choose the herbs which you use most frequently. Herbs which won’t be used will only go to waste and the plant can become out of shape, so if you don’t use basil very often, skip on this plant and choose something else.

A good number of herbs to start with is three, because it’s your three most common herbs and a nice easy amount to manage. Three herb plants sitting on your kitchen window sill are easy to get at and maintain, plus they will grow nicely even in the winter.

You can start your herb gardening by planting seeds, which many people like to do. Follow the directions on the package when it comes to depth and water and light requirements and put the seeds in a pot with rich potting soil, then water them and wait. Usually in less than 10 days, you’ll begin to see sprouts popping up in your pot. As the seedlings grow larger, you can choose to give them to other people or you can keep them for yourself, but you should thin out your crop.

If you choose to buy plants of your herbs, you will simply want to plant them in the same way you would if you were planting a container garden. Your pot doesn’t have to be huge though, and if you choose, you can even put more than one herb in a pot, just make sure that you know what they are before you use them in your food.

If you love to use fresh herbs in your foods, but you’re tired of having to pay the high price of them in the store and bringing them home to rot, isn’t it time for you to start herb gardening?

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